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Mélanie Saulnier

: 06 84 05 44 78
Courriel : melanie.saulnier14@gmail.com
Adresse : Maison de la Recherche de l'Université Jean Jaurès
5, Allées A. Machado

Publications : Chapitres d’ouvrage

  • Py-Saragaglia V., Saulnier M., Cunill-Artigas R., Fouédjeu Foumou L., Paradis-Grenouillet S., Buscaino, S. and Galop, D., 2018. Long-term Forest Evolution and Woodland Uses in an Ancient Charcoal-production Forest of the French Eastern Pyrenees: an Interdisciplinary Approach with High Spatio-temporal Resolution. In: Paradis-Grenouillet S., Aspe C., Burri S. eds. Into the Woods, Overlapping perspectives on the history of ancient forests. Quae Editions.
  • Touflan P., Edouard J-L., Talon B., Guibal F., Saulnier M., Corona C., 2010. Dynamique passée et actuelle d’un peuplement forestier de mélèze (Larix decidua) et de pin cembro (Pinus cembra) de l’étage subalpin : approche écologique. In D. Vallauri (éd.), Biodiversité, naturalité et humanité, pour inspirer la gestion des forêts, Paris, Lavoisier.

Publications : Articles publiés dans revue soumises à comité de lecture

  • Pettit J.L., Pettit J.M., Janda P., Rydval M., Čada V., Schurman J.S., Nagel T.A., Bače R., Saulnier M., Hofmeister J., Matula R., Kozák D., Frankovič M., Turcu D.O., Mikoláš M. and Svoboda M., 2021. Cyclone induced windstorms cause more severe forest disturbance than convective storms though to all windthrow is increasing in European primary beech forests. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres
  • Fouédjeu L., Saulnier M., Lejay M., Dušátko M., Labbas V., Jump A. S., Burri S., Buscaino S., Py-Saragaglia V., 2020. High resolution reconstruction of modern charcoal production kilns: An integrated approach combining dendrochronology, micromorphology and anthracology in the French Pyrenees. Quaternary International.
  • Schafstall N., Whitehouse N., Kuosmanen N., Saulnier M., Fleischer P., Svitavská-Svobodová H., Knutelski S., Chiverrell R., Kuneš P., Clear J., 2020. Changes in species composition and diversity in a montane beetle community during the last millennium. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
  • Mainieri R., Favillier A., Lopez-Saez J., Eckert N., Zgheib T., Morel P., Saulnier M., Peiry, J-L., Stoffel M., Corona C., 2020. Impacts of land-cover changes on snow avalanche activity in the French Alps. Anthropocene.
  • Saulnier M., Schurman J., Vostarek O., Rydval M., Pettit J., Trotsiuk V., Janda P., Bače R., Björklund J., Svoboda M., 2020. Climatic drivers of Picea growth differ during recruitment and interact with disturbance severity to influence rates of canopy replacement. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.
  • Synek M., Janda P., Mikoláš M., Nagel T., Pettit J., Schurman J., Trotsiuk V., Morrissey R., Bace R., Čada V., Brang P., Bugmann H., Begović K., Chaskovskyy O., Dušátko M., Frankovič M., Kameniar O., Kníř T., Kozák D., Langbehn T., Málek J., Rodrigo R., Saulnier M., Teodosiu M., Vostarek O., Svoboda M., 2020. Contrasting Patterns of Natural Mortality in Primary Picea Forests of the Carpathian Mountains. Forest Ecology and Management.
  • Saulnier M., Py-Saragaglia V., Cunill R., Fouedjeu-Foumou L., Buscaino S., Métailié J-P., Galop D., 2019. Late Holocene local-scale vegetation dynamics and responses to land-use changes in an ancient charcoal-making forest of the Central Pyrenees (Ariège, France): a pedoanthracological approach. Vegetation history and archaeobotany.
  • De Bouchard d’Aubeterre G., Favillier A., Mainieri R., Lopez Saez J., Eckert N., Saulnier M., Peiry, J-L., Stoffel M., Corona C., 2019. Tree-ring reconstruction of snow avalanche activity: Does avalanche path selection matter? Science of The Total Environment.
  • Schurman J.S., Babst F., Björklund J., Rydval M., Bače R., Čada V., Janda P., Mikolas M., Saulnier M., Trotsiuk V., Svoboda M., 2019. The climatic drivers of primary Picea forest growth along the Carpathian arc are becoming spatially more variable with rising temperatures. Global Change Biology.
  • Saulnier M., Corona C., Stoffel, M. Edouard J-L., Guibal F., 2019. Climate-growth relationships in a Larix decidua Mill. network in the French Alps. Science of The Total Environment.
  • Shindo, L., Belingard, C., Edouard, J-L., Saulnier, M., 2017. A long-term tree-ring chronology over 796 years for silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Southern France. Annals of Forest Science, 74 (4), pp.67.
  • Saulnier M., Edouard J-L., Roques, A., Rozenberg P., Saracco G., Corona C., Guibal F., 2016. Spatio-temporal heterogeneity of Larch budmoth outbreaks in the French Alps for the last 500 years. Canadian journal of forest research. NRC Research Press, 2017, 47 (5), pp.667 - 680.
  • Saulnier M., Talon B., Robin V., 2015. New pedoanthracological data for the long-term history of forest species at mid-high altitudes in the Queyras Valley (Inner Alps). Quaternary International 366: 15-24.
  • Saulnier M., Edouard J-L., Corona C., Guibal F., 2011. Climate / growth relationships in a Pinus cembra high-elevation network in the Southern French Alps. Annals of Forest Science 68 (1): 189-200.

Publications : Articles soumis dans revue soumises à comité de lecture

  • Fouédjeu L., Paradis-Grenouillet S., Larrieu L., Saulnier M., Burri S., Py-Saragaglia V., submitted. From the reconstruction of charcoal making practices to long term forest management: an interdisciplinary study in the forêt de Bernadouze (Pyrenees, France). Forest Ecology and Management.

Publications : Articles en préparation pour soumission dans revue soumises à comité de lecture

  • Saulnier M., Buechling A., Drobyshev I., Zang C, Hackett-Pain A., Čada V., Buechling A., Voltarek O., Schurman J., Rydval M., Pettit J., Svoboda M., in prep. Mast behavior improve model prediction of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) aboveground biomass in Carpathian primary forest. Targeted review: Journal of Ecology.
  • Shindo L., Saulnier M., Belingard, C., Edouard, J-L., Guibal F., in prep. European larch sapwood: estimation for dating purposes. Targeted review: Dendrochronologia.
  • Buechling A., Canham C., ..., Saulnier M., …, in prep. Tree growth responses to global scale drivers are characterized by intraspecific variation and emergent behaviors. Targeted review: Ecological letters.
  • Rodrigo R., Pettit J.L., Matula R., Kozák D., Bače R., Janda P., Mikolás M., Nagel T., Schurman J., Trotsiuk V., Frankovič M., Pettit J.M., Buechling A., Saulnier M., Cada V., Begovič K., Pavlin J., Chaskovskyy O., Teodosiu M., Dušátko M., Kníř T., Kameniar O., Málek J., Vostarek O., Synek M., Svoboda M., in prep. Historical mixed - severity disturbances shape current diameter distributions of temperate Norway spruce- – dominated primary mountain forests in Europe. Targeted review: Forest Ecology and Management.

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